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Carambola Messenger, Waterproof, Grey

Ottobags is an ideal option for those who are searching for plain, elegant, durable and practical bag designs made of different fabrics for daily use. Great for everyday use, either in the workplace or school, its roomy enough to carry around your gadgets, books, magazines, tablet, iPad, iPhone...


  • Fabric: The fabric was made of 100% water-repellent polyester. It also has a water-repellent characteristic. Though this doesn’t mean that you can walk around carefree when it’s pouring with rain, water does not pose an immediate adverse effect to the fabric. For the handles and other details, we used %100 genuine leather, interior lining from %100 canvas fabric and it added further aesthetic quality to the design.
  • We went with antique brass stylish materials for the metal accessories.

    “Deeds are a person’s mirror, mere claims do not heed.”

    Ziya Pasha(*)

    Our story began in 1986 in Istanbul with jewellery design. On one hand, we were supplying to the leading fashion retail outlets in Turkey and abroad, and on the other, we were gathering products to display at our sales outlets from lands as far as India.

    And after a long, long time…

    We took our place on Etsy in 2011, established our home-made bag and other designs. With that, the story of “Ottobags,” born in a simple apartment flat in Istanbul, became the first step in achieving a dream – a dream which takes its inspiration from life, and which knows no boundaries thanks to our limitless imagination – and turned into a reality when our bags reached all corners of the world.

    Manufactured in small quantities at our workshop as well as those who share the same manufacturing ideas with us, our bags were dreamt of, designed, their fabric and accessories are chosen, and were brought to life with a fine taste and a particular attention to details just for you.

    We are very happy now that our bags will meet you!

    (*) Ziya Pasha: an important Ottoman statesman and prolific writer, who lived in the 19th century (1825-1880). With Şinasi and Namık Kemal, he was one of the leading intellectuals who first brought forward the concept of “Westernization.” He defended freedoms and constitutional monarchy in his works.

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