Cotton Mesh Bag | Natural Cream & Pink Star



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Cotton Mesh Bag, Natural Cream & Pink Star

Comes with a pink linen pocket bag inside.

This cotton mesh bag is perfect for every day, especially useful for shopping and beach.

  • Material: Eco-friendly cotton rope, mesh machine woven bag, the pink star is hand-knitted. The pink pocket bag is linen.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Size: Shopping bag size, flexible, can carry up to 10 kilos.

I am from Ankara. I worked in the corporate companies for 27 years, 14 years of it in winery industry. I expertise in olive oil and organic products as well as the winery.

I am a photographer. 

My life philosophy is to protect stray animals and environment.

I create contemporary designs with hand knit. As a women entrepreneur, my mission is especially to create opportunities for women who have to take care of their kids alone.

Now, my biggest dream and goal is to build an atelier at Gokava and create job opportunities for women who live in that area. 

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