Doku Goldwork Embroidered Bracelet



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Doku Goldwork Embroidered Bracelet, Limited Edition

Goldwork is one of the most luxuries embroidery technique. Goldwork embroidery was used historically to adorn spiritual textiles, uniforms, clothing and textiles for the nobility.

Rehrev designs are individually crafted in the hands of female artisans. The fabric's threads are processed with a needle one by one reaches an exquisite new texture. 

The traditional wire-wrapping technique (goldwork) is used in Doku Bracelet. 

  • 100% Handmade
  • Material: Handloom silk from Grand Bazaar, brown velvet ribbon, copper wire embroidery and silk interlining.
  • Traditional Turkish wire work hand embroidery on the handloom silk.
  • Supports women artisans.

Rehrev products reinterpret the art of embroidery by feeding on Turkish art and craft culture. The desire of Rehrev is to reintegrate this historical accumulation into our daily lives and to draw a new path to our art of embroidery. Each product is processed individually in the hands of female craftsmen. With love to all, who support the production of value in design.

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