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EarthV2 Handbag, Ocean

Blue leather, hand-woven silk and cotton Kutnu fabric.

Kutnu is a very special fabric that has been woven in the handlooms of craftsmen of Gaziantep, Turkey. It's made up of silk and cotton with a shiny surface full of various colours. Kutnu fabric is carefully woven with a long process including the yarn, design, colouring and the finish up.

  • Blue leather
  • Hand-Woven silk and cotton Kutnu fabric
  • Usage: Handbag / clutch
  • Front flat handle & back zipper smartphone pocket for safety
  • Interior: Beige suede lining, inner zipper pocket
  • Dimensions: w 28 cm * h 22 cm / w 11 " * h 19 "
  • Comes with a dustbag
  • Care: Due to its handwoven nature, Kutnu fabric has a delicate texture. Please clean the surface by the traditional white soap and leave it to dry. You may also use natural ingredient special products that do not contain harsh and harmful chemicals. Try to avoid leaving your bag in extreme weather conditions.

    Imagine yourself riding a bike in Vondelpark, skating in Barceloneta or walking by Trevi Fountain…

    You want your notebook, cellphone, camera as well as your water or coffee with you by your side.

    Just at that moment, we came up with the idea of creating the ideal products.

     We define life as simple pleasures and little moments. We are big enthusiasts of travelling, collecting memories and seeking timeless trends. We enjoy hacking daily routines :) Are you also one of those who adores/loves to go with the flow and seize the day?

    Simple Community products are 100% handmade for you with a unique touch. Our bags are designed to ease your days and our accessories stand out with their multifunctional use. 

    We aim to bring a sense of belonging to our community members while using our products.




    Our priority was to create products upon a lifestyle that gives importance to coolness, comfort and practical daily usage on every occasion.

    Our second focus was to add a unique touch to this simple and multi-functional look.


    Simplicity led us to high-quality materials, practicality led us to multi-functional usage and the unique touch led us to traditional Kutnu fabric of a region in Turkey.


    People who choose to live simple have shared interests. 

    They own a common lifestyle. 

    And our products have this soul. 

    So why not to create a community with these people and our products?


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