Evil Eye Symbol Rose Plated Earring


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Evil Eye Symbol Rose Plated Earring

The most powerful symbol image in Anatolia.  Must have for bad energies! İconic figurine evil eye also reflected as geometric form squares, triangles.. Protects you from negative gaze, thoughts and from bad energy.

  • Handmade
  • Material: 925 sterling silver and rose plated.
  • Care: Should avoid the touch of perfume, alcohol.
  • Every piece is handcrafted, it may contain small differences from photos.

Studio Deka inspires from her roots; redesign ancient Anatolian symbols and figurines such as Sumerian, Hittites. 

These powerful jewels created to leave a mark on someone's life with their ancient power and handmade love. Every piece is created with an eco-friendly, sustainable and whole handmade process which brings unique designs for everyone. Anatolian to Mayan culture in every well-known tradition we come across with similar protective symbols. Indigenous people kept believing these symbols bring them luck, happiness, strength, fertility, health and many more…

Deka designs celebrate and honours the rich history of Anatolian cultures.  In the rush of life, we believe the strength to bound with your roots and nature is one of the most important balance. With this perspective, we create sustainable, one of a kind/limited designs for souls. Every jewel carries its own unique energy such as prosperity, fertility, wealth, fortune, luck and happy news.

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