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Walnut, hand carved small scoop

This walnut wood, handmade scoop is crafted by traditional methods. The environment-friendly sourced wood is cut by hand and designed to be a scoop. This scoop will become even more beautiful as it grows older. As designs are handcrafted all scoops are unique and differ from each other in terms of colour and texture.

  • Made from environment-friendly sourced walnut wood
  • Hand carved by Mucs Atelier
  • Size: 7-8cm x 12-13cm 
  • One piece
  • 100% Natural
  • Finished with beeswax and mineral oil
  • Grain pattern and color is unique to each individual spoon thanks to trees nature. We craft all our designs from the most special parts trees offer to us. All products are unique and personal
  • Produced from the trees completed their lives in nature

MUCS Atelier founded by designers Ceylin Saral and Durul Tanki in Istanbul as a woodcarving atelier. 

Maple, mulberry, walnut, olive and cedar woods... They are transforming each piece into an object. They are bringing the trees and designs together. Each piece of wood is cut by hand and finished in their studio. In their collection, there are spoons, plates, cutting boards. All designs are finished with a mineral oil and beeswax. The designs become even more beautiful as they grow older.

As designs are handmade and different from each other. The most important feature of Mucs Atelier designs is the hand chiselled texture they use in different type of trees. Some pieces have a light texture emphasizing the beauty of the material... 

Mucs Atelier, are on their way to add endless stories of trees to our life's. 

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