Istanbul Tiryaki Tea Glass and Saucer | Breeze | Set of 6

K-United Tea Glasses

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130cc tea glass with gold rim and design saucer set, Set of 6.

Istanbul Tiryaki is for all-day tea connoisseurs. Tulip-shaped, clear tea glasses have left their mark on our tea culture. The see-through glasses reveal the colour, the steeping, the taste, and the moment the tea is brewed. Since 2006, the story of the Istanbul Tea Glasses design has enlivened Turkey's tea culture, ever-widening since then, inspired by a new perspective of Turkey's geography and culture, sagacity, true-to-life experiences, in different shapes and colours. The Istanbul Tea Glasses were originally designed to hold 190 millilitres of tea, compatible with the amount of tea sipped at breakfast. We reserved those glasses expressly for breakfast, and named them Istanbul Kahvaltı, and then designed the smaller Istanbul Tiryaki glasses to hold 130 millilitres to let you enjoy tea at all hours of the day. Istanbul Tiryaki offers a new experience, unique to tea connoisseurs, with a customary tea glass size reflecting this Turkish tradition more than ever. The customary tulip glass has been reshaped, giving the Istanbul Tiryaki design a new meaning, and comes with either glass or porcelain saucers. In Istanbul Tiryaki's new design, the bottom of the glass and the saucer coalesce into a fit snug, bringing the heritage of a deep-rooted culture into modern times. Istanbul Tiryaki has been redesigned to be more suitable for daily use, with changes in production technology, allowing the new glasses to reach more of the populace. Istanbul Tiryaki finds its niche in every treat, conversation, celebration or countryside café. The design is truly a breath of fresh air – accessible, perfect, luxurious, and quintessential. Bon appetite!

  • 130cc tea glass and mat gold decorated black glaze saucer with mat gold rim
  • 6 Glass + 6 Saucer
  • Hand washing recommended

There is always a line that runs from the past to the future, that as well as local cultures and ideals, there are eternal and universal values that we all share and that what is essential is understanding the art and craft as it is tied up in a particular time and place. In this perspective, K-United is a company founded to gather and offer new colours, new patterns and new emotions to objects of our daily life such as small furniture, lighting, kilims, vases, tea glasses, coffee cups and dinner sets.

Two significant brands are introduced by K-United: Koleksiyon and Evaliza D.W.R., yet more to come in the near future.

Koleksiyon has an unrivalled reputation for delivering design and service excellence in all around the world. The brand is known for the clean, understated intelligence of its designs, the quality of its manufacture and its insight into the needs and concerns of clients.

Evaliza D.W.R. is a tableware brand, specially designed to create stylish presentations for elegant dinners and everyday life.

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