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Garlands are decorative accessories that will add spice to your space. They are for both grown-ups and littles ones. Hang them on the wall, over a bedrail, shelf, frame, play tent and what have you. Please check all photos of garlands in order to see what you can do with them.

Content : 1 garland. Product is handmade. May contain wooden beads, real feathers and/or cotton tassels on a bamboo string with wooden rings.

  • Length : ~ 200 cm
  • Weight : 0.052 kg
  • Care : Wipe clean with a soft dry cloth.
  • Please note that each product is unique due to its handmade nature and may differ from one another in terms of color, texture, binding, etc. In order to keep your product looking great, please go by the instructions you will find down below as well as in the manual.
    Please read this document carefully and keep for future reference.
    To avoid danger of suffocation keep product’s plastic bag away from babies and children.
    This "Teepee” play tent was produced for indoor use and is not suitable for outdoor weather conditions.
    Your product must be assembled by an adult.
    Your product contains a garland with small parts that may be swallowed.
    This garland should be removed from the play tent when in prescence of small children.
    Never put your product near a flame and don’t leave it under direct sunlight.

Hello we are FIGG. We make nice things that will spice up you and your little one’s space.

Our love and respect for unique quality home products for both grown-ups and our most precious ones have led us to launch FIGG in December 2016 after a long period of prep-work.

Our products are cooked up with never-ending effort and enthusiasm, simple and solid design, genuine craftsmanship and natural local materials.

At FIGG, every product is our design and goes through a meticulous process of research and development. FIGG products are simple, clean-cut and modern in nature. Our branding and packaging have a similar stance and everything regarding these two components is developed in-house. After reaching their final design, products are handmade by talented local craftsmen and us. In other words, every item is an output of boutique manufacturing rather than mass production. 

We hope you and your little ones enjoy our products for a long time as they are intended to last in your spaces.

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