Merco Leather Sandals | Green

Lil Bugga

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Merco Leather Sandals, Green

These Baby-friendly sandals are lightweight, flexible, and come in 3 fun colours, and unique styles to keep your growing baby girl comfortable during development.

  • Open Toe designed, with a Strap decorated with real leather hand made flowers make these Kids Sandals Exceptionally chic.
  • A man-made material, soft and comfortable breathable, durable, good for the healthy growth of baby feet
  • CONVENIENT STRAP: Hook-and-loop strap closure, easy slip on and take off for kids themselves, save playing time
  • Numbers 26-30
  • SOFT - Soft, lightweight and breathable sole is well-crafted to make running feel natural.
Size Cm Age
16 9 0-3 months
17 10 3-6 months
18 11 6-9 months
19 12 9-12 months
20 12.5 12-18 months
21 13 18-24 months
22 14 2 years
23 15 2 years
24 16 2-3 years
25 17 3 years
26 17.5 4 years
27 18 5 years
28 19 6 years
29 19.5 7 years
30 20 8 years


Colourful Design Shoes for Babies and Toddlers!

Lil Bugga designs colourful, real leather, anatomic sole, hand-made shoes that rather look like toys; for 0 to 4 years old!

Kids of play-age will no more give up about colours when it comes to their shoes. They will be able to choose most colourful; real-leather; no chemical content; hand-made shoes like they choose toys. And Moms; they will create the most joyful fashion combinations between their new-borns’ clothes with marvellous design-shoes.

Lil Bugga has been inspired by grown-up models instead of traditional baby-shoe designs! Moccasins, ballerina flats, sandals, boats have been re-designed according to baby anatomy! Likewise, traditional baby and kids shoe colours have been replaced by surprising stylish details; resulting in toy-like shoes.

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