Naive Paper Flower Bouquet

A! Ne Hos


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Naive Paper Flower Bouquet

A bouquet for the strong dreamers who bloom even at fall, conceptual flowers and greenery.

The painted glass vase is included.  

  • 100% Handcrafted
  • Material: EFC, FSC and PEFC certificated 180 - 300gr/sqm papers
  • Paper flower bouquet comes with its painted glass vase.
  • Height: 20cm, painted glass vase height: 10cm
  • 23 x 23 x 30 cm box size

¨A! Ne Hos¨ means ¨Wow! Great¨ in Turkish. It is an Istanbul-lite paper art design company, founded by two architects, Ayse Selin Gurel Cubuk and Yasemin Hacikura, who use their creative instinct to pursue something greater by using everyday materials. Their favourite choice of material is paper, a common material for everyone which comprises beautiful contradictions. Numerous colours and textures enable endless designs, yet its 2-dimensional nature resists for voluminous designs. The general expectancy for temporary use of it prevents people to relate the material with the concept of quality. The intended idea is to put together something beautiful to look at and make people consider the value of the paper. They use their architectural skills to construct solid forms using heavy, thick paper material which make them perfect for long lasting products. They set up installations, paper flower bouquets and accessories. The paper they choose to work with is EFC, FSC and PEFC certified.

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