Volver Vase - Narrow Tall - Green



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Volver, narrow tall, green colored ceramic pot


Volver is a collection of ceramic pots featuring three different models.

Each model is composed of two different pieces. The lower piece offers a water disposal function, when used as a planter. The series is presented in a huge variety of matching colors.

One can easily use various elements of Volver to hold a wide selection of stationery or other personal items in workplaces.

  • Designed by Studio Kairos for Koleksiyon
  • Hand made
  • Hand painted
  • Size : w90mm x h202mm 

Based on its key guiding principles and forty years’ experience Koleksiyon designs are based on a profound knowledge of culture, history, and geography. Its solutions reclaim the past that we know with colors, sounds, and shapes. At the same time, Koleksiyon product designs anticipate the future we do not yet know. The aim is always to pursue excellence and to hold true to certain values. Koleksiyon knows that there is always a line that runs from the past to the future, that as well as local cultures and ideals, there are eternal and universal values that we all share and that what is essential is understanding the art and craft as it is tied up in a particular time and place. 

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