Wallaby Kangaroo Care T-Shirt | Grey


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Wallaby Kangaroo Care T-Shirt, Grey

Wallaby kangaroo t-shirt gives new parents the freedom of movement while providing comfort to the newborn.

You may wear Wallaby Kangaroo T-shirt easily since it doesn't require complex bindings or belts. Then you may participate in social life easily or just enjoy motherhood.

Designed for mothers, fathers and the ones who feel as a parent in their heart.

  • Material: 95% Cotton 5% Elastane
  • Recommended handling weight is maximum 9kg. Its durableness is proved in the laboratory environment by applying pressure 50 thousand times with 9 kg weight.
  • Wallaby T-Shirt’s reliability has been approved with chemical and physical tests in EKOTEKS laboratory. It doesn’t contain carcinogenic heavy metals, banned arylamines and allergic disperse dyes.
  • Dimensions:  8 × 24 × 21 cm
Size Chart Bust Hip
1 84 - 94cm 86 -96cm
2 95 - 104cm 96 - 106cm

Wallaby is a kangaroo t-shirt that enables interaction between parents with a newborn. 

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