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Walnut wood Macbook Air 13" cover.

Walnut heartwood (inner layers) has a gray to dark brown color occasionally with colored stripes depending on age and location. The sapwood (outer layers) is grey-white to reddish white. Walnut MacBook cover is perfect for your MacBook for its clear structure of the growth rings, the relatively large pore-structure, and its intense dark color.k’s minimal design! 

MacBooks have always looked nice but they have never been this stylish…

  • Crafted from real walnut wood
  • Woodern Co. MacBook covers are designed to add minimum bulk to your MacBook. 
  • With less than 1 mm of thickness and 25 grams of weight, one of the thinnest and lightest MacBook covers. 
  • Naturally Unique : Here at WoodernCo. we know every individual is unique and so should be their MacBooks. Every MacBook cover we produce has a distinct texture which is a true gift of nature. No two Woodern MacBook covers have the same texture. Created from real wood perfected with matchless design, you will stand out from the crowd with your Woodern MacBook cover.
    • Are your products really made of wood? Yes, they really are wood! At present we have products from 3 different kinds of wood in our collection: bamboo, cherry, and walnut. We also use Kevlar material in the core of our iPhone cases to increase its flexibility and prevent breakage. This way you get to have a wooden iPhone case that is both flexible and durable.
    • What is this MacBook "cover”? Basically, it is a design product that adheres to your MacBook. Woodern covers are made from real wood, not paper, and this is what makes Woodern Co. products special.
    • Why don't you produce a cover for the bottom surface of the MacBook? Your MacBook's cooling system is located on the bottom surface, so the computer emits heat from the bottom. The cooling system would not work properly if we put a cover under the MacBook because wood is a rather insulative material.
    • Why are there cut-outs on my MacBook cover's corners? Since the MacBook models are tilted towards the corners, we make small cuts on the corners of our covers for the full coverage of your MacBook.
    • Can I remove my Woodern Co. MacBook cover and re-apply it for later use? We produce MacBook covers from very thin wood and once you remove the adhesive, due to the strength of the adhesive, you will not be able to re-apply without damaging your cover. However, your MacBook cover can be used for a very long time unless you want to remove it. When you decide to remove it will not leave any permanent marks on your MacBook! 
"Inspired by nature, created with passion."
Woodern Co. is a İstanbul-based design & crafts company that creates genuine wooden accessories for tech products. Woodern Co. is in awe of nature's beauty & simplicity and believes that the life in cities has alienated us from it. By striving every day to bring the nature to our daily life, Woodern Co. reminds us our very nature and brings us back to our long-forgotten roots. All Woodern Co. products are produced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood.

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