Why Note!? Fun Note Bag | Transparent | Women Power


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Why Note!? Fun Note Bag, Transparent, Women Power

Comes with a set of 6 women power card set.

One and only note bag in the world. Let's have some fun!

We thought it might be fun to carry your notebook like a bag! This transparent note bag has a cool design with a pocket in front of the face area. Each note bag is crafted by hand in Why Note!? Studio. After each piece is finished, it is then packaged as pictured. 

Why Note!? Fun Note Bags comes in 8 different colours with different 6-piece card sets in it. You may change your bags appearance with these cards. You can reflect your mood by these cards each day. Begin by choosing your favourite colour. Then, place your motto in the pocket with six fun cards.

It can be worn cross-body or carried in the hand slipped over the shoulder. 

  • 100% paper, 100% PVC, gold metal chain, 96 sheets notebook
  • Each note bag contains 6 cards
  • 17,5*24cm
  • 520 gr.
  • It's the perfect everyday companion. Comes in a designer-stamped box.

    Everything started with one question only: ‘Why NOT?’ And then it was easy to create a world for whoever asks this question and shows the courage to prove the world that it can actually be done, no matter what! Welcome to this fun, bold and new world: WHY NOTE!?

    Writing is very important for us, for humankind. No matter how technology in modern times evolves, there is an odd connection between our brain and simple paper pen duo. All of us, one way or another, do not entirely give up on notebooks, papers to write a note. Although our entire world started to shape around our phones, computers, tablets etc. we still have a notebook and a pen right?  Out there, still countless stationary options… and yes; who doesn’t like this world? Big, fun, tasteful, colourful world! 

    We thought it might be also fun to ‘carry your notebook’ like a bag.

    Meet with WHY NOTE!? The first and only NOTE-BAG. Exactly, a notebook that can be carried like a bag, gives you the space to put your money, phone, credit cards, pens in it.

    We said ‘Why Not?’ and here we are with WHY NOTE!?

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